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ER Doctor, Medical Educator, Healthcare Mentor

Austin Kosier, MD

Austin Kosier MD is an ER doctor, medical educator, and healthcare mentor
Austin Kosier MD is an ER doctor, medical educator, and healthcare mentor

Dr. Austin Kosier, MD is an emergency medicine physician, healthcare educator, and mentor. 

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Austin Kosier not only serves the general public as an ER doctor, but he also educates the medical community through a number of platforms. 

Austin Kosier gives lectures, creates content for medical literature, and contributes to publications. 

View Dr. Kosier's contributions below. 

In addition to his work as an emergency room doctor and educator, Austin Kosier also pays it forward and mentors others pursuing a career in medicine.  

Dr. Kosier has created "A Guide to Emergency Medicine" in which prospective emergency medicine providers can learn more about the specialty, residency training, and fellowship opportunities. 

View Austin Kosier's "Guide to Emergency Medicine" below. 

Austin Kosier also created "A Guide to the USMLE" in which medical students can learn more about the United States Medical Licensing Examination. 

The includes general information about the exam, study tips, how to create a study schedule, resources, and much more. 

View Austin Kosier's "Guide to the USMLE" below. 

Austin Kosier has been recognized for the high quality care he provides as an emergency room physician, as well as the service he provides to others through education and mentorship. 

Dr. Kosier has received numerous accolades, honors, and reviews for his dedication and service to the medical community. 

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